Cash Register and EPOS Systems in Notts and Derbys from Johnsons Cash Registers

PC Systems

There was a time when an EPOS Terminal had to be Windows Based. We still had cash registers but businesses wanted more. The first PC Based offerings were very basic and then they started adding the frilly bits that sell the system but no one ever really uses.


Then they decided that you had to have software support because they needed an income stream. No support contract no system.


Now we have the yearly software licence and support contract. Make you wonder what next but they do have to pay for people to work 24 / 7 just in case



We offer Vectron, ECRTouch and ICRTouch software based systems. You do not have to have the dreaded software support or the yearly licence fee. We offer a support package if you want one but you don't have to have it. We supply fanless terminals so there is no noise and no build up of dirt sucked in by the fan. This also cuts down on expensive call outs. So with NO annual licence fees. No software support charges for the first year. What a bargin ..


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